Monday, June 25, 2012

thank for share with us pftt

okey olden u want me, u try to take my heart back. then i give my heart coz i believe u . then u give me hopes, i know u really love me, i to i love u more...i'm looking someone can understand me can love me can appreciate me
i'm know who i'am ! i not pretty i'm not like other girl u looking for..yes i cry every day.i want tell u some think if love me why u choose other girl yes i know i'm not hot like other girl u like i not sexy but are u remember what i say if u like or have  other girl better than me tell me i'm not angry i'm just want to say for u thank you so much coz give me other change in love with u again..but every day i'm call u i'm text u never do that to me why ?  yes i forgotten i'm not important  in your mind...
now  i see u on facebook i read your status ''i miss the old u'' i think u want to say to me.u know what u looking for just choose other girl u like then if u bored just break up it easy right? it happened to me also..i remember what u say u wanna married me right ? right know u can take the married on your hell coz u will married the bad girl u never know haha.u never happy if someone cry .. i will know what i feeling right know  :)
i'm happy now..hey boy! yes u.. u the one make me cry please go away form my life u will make my life broken ..i very hate u more than u know please go away i don't want to see your face again.u know what i very love u i hopes want to together with you for along u are the want make me cry every time.why?..why? right now i wish u never see girl like me and u never found girl loving u more than me

yes i swear 

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